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Sabrina Office Manager


Although Sabrina doesn’t work out in the field, she is crucial to Zar Electric’s day-to-day operations. Sabrina is Zar Electric’s customer service representative. Without her, our technicians would have nowhere to go, and your electrical issues would never get fixed! She also completes vital responsibilities around the office.

Sabrina is a people person and loves meeting and talking to new people that call into the office. When asked why she said:

“I love being able to talk to new people and learning different things about them while we’re on the phone. I could be on the phone with someone for less than 10 minutes and find out a lot about them just by the little things we talk about in that short time.”

Sabrina got into the trades business wanting to help her father with things about the office, and it just stuck! Now she couldn’t be happier working with her family and friends at the office helping others with their electrical issues.

Outside of work, Sabrina loves spending time with her kids, traveling to the Georgia mountains, and listening to any kind of music except Bluegrass.

Need to book an appointment? Don’t be shy, Sabrina will be there to answer the phone and help you with your needs!