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Aluminum Wiring Remediation

Raleigh Aluminum Wiring Remediation

Zar Electric Makes Safety a Priority

In the 1960s and 70s, many homes in North Carolina were built with aluminum wiring. While aluminum was less expensive than copper and a good conductor, it is not as stable or safe as copper wiring. Today, homeowners and commercial property owners with aluminum wiring are strongly encouraged to replace their wiring. Zar Electric offers residents in Raleigh and Wake Forest superior aluminum wiring remediation services. All of our electricians are Master Electrician certified and have extensive field experience dealing with old, aluminum wiring. As a company, we put customer safety first. We know first-hand the dangers of aluminum wiring, and we want to help you protect your family and property from dangerous electrical fires.

Do you think you have aluminum wiring in your home? Contact Zar Electric to schedule an electrical inspection and get a quote for aluminum wiring replacement.

Why Replace Aluminum Wiring?

As a less-expensive material, aluminum shot up in popularity in the mid-20th century. According to the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board, aluminum wiring was discontinued in North Carolina in 1974. This is because it presents a significant safety hazard. One of the significant points of issue with aluminum wiring is its connection points. Because they can overheat, these connections are more susceptible to an electrical fire and should be replaced.

The three options approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for dealing with aluminum wiring in your home include:

  • Replacing all of your aluminum cables with copper cable
  • Installing COPALUM connectors with a short section of copper wire to existing aluminum wiring
  • Installing AlumiConn connectors when COPALUM connectors are not available

The configuration of your home or property will determine your best option. Our Raleigh electricians will inspect your property and select the most effective and safe method for your situation even if that includes replacing your aluminum wiring.

Signs Your Aluminum Wiring is Hazardous

While it is recommended that all aluminum wiring should be replaced, the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board denotes two levels of severity when it comes to the immediate danger you are in: “Basic: Level One” and “Hazardous: Level Two”. Basic: Level One refers to situations in which hazards are not immediately apparent, and in which a licensed electrical contractor is needed to assess the situation entirely. Hazardous: Level Two refers to situations in which there are signs or evidence of defects in your wiring system.

Signs of a Hazardous: Level Two problem with your aluminum wiring include:

  • Electrical receptacles, such as outlets and wall plugs, do not work
  • Outlets, wall plugs, etc. have visible damage
  • Switches, outlets, and wall plugs are warm to the touch
  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that are connected to the electrical system, but do not work
  • Electrical junctions or connections are damaged
  • Signs of scorching or overheating in the electrical system

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you should contact our Raleigh aluminum wiring remediation electricians as soon as possible. Zar Electric is based in Wake Forest and can be out to your property quickly. We know that when an electrical fire is a risk, time is of the essence. 

Click below to learn more about the hazards and options between copper and aluminum wiring.

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Learn More About Aluminum Wiring Remediation

Many customers ask us if they really do have to replace or repair their aluminum wiring. The short answer is yes. However, at Zar Electric, we know that rewiring your entire home or property can be expensive, and you may not have it within your budget. We want everyone to feel safe in their homes. Our Raleigh electricians will work with you to come up with aluminum wiring solutions that protect you and your family. We provide honest, straightforward pricing so that you can adequately plan to have your wiring fixed, and we always discuss things with you before beginning work.

Click here to view a pamphlet from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

To determine what is going on with your electrical system, it is recommended that you work with a licensed, experienced electrician, like ours. Call Zar Electric at (919) 200-6551 today.


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