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Raleigh Circuit Breaker Replacement & Panel Upgrades

20+ Years Providing Electrical Panel Replacements, & Surge Protection

The electrical wiring in new homes is designed to accommodate the modern electrical demands of the average home. In older homes, the electrical panels are smaller and have fewer circuit breakers and fuses, resulting in a heavier load. The heavy loads on today’s circuits can lead to breaker failure, which may require either replacement or an upgrade.

Zar Electric can replace and upgrade your home or businesses' breakers, fuses, and panels throughout Raleigh and beyond. Call to schedule a service at 919-200-6551 today!

Surge Protection Breakers ImageWhat Are Surge Protection Breakers?

The purpose of surge protection breakers is to protect your home's appliances and electronics from potential re-occurring surges that can cause serious long-term damage. This is especially the case with sensitive appliances and electronics. A surge protector is able to prevent you from having to pay for costly repairs in the case of surge damage. It is a must-have for any homeowner.

How Do Know If A Circuit Breaker Needs To Be Replaced?

Older homes may have electrical panels that were designed for electrical usage at the time the home was built. This may not be sufficient for today’s household electricity requirements. Damaged or outdated circuit breakers, fuses, and panels can lead to potential dangers, such as overload, electrocution, shock, or fire hazards.

It may be time to update the panel if you have noticed:

If you have an old or unsafe panel in your home or suspect it may be time to replace the panel, you should not hesitate to have it inspected by a professional Raleigh electrician. We can inspect your circuits and panel to determine if a defective circuit breaker needs to be replaced or the panel upgraded.

What To Do After a Power Surge

The power flowing through your wall outlets typically ranges from 0 volts to 169 volts. Power surges occurs either through an unexpected interruption to the flow of electricity through the grid or when an appliance or device that is plugged in inputs power back into the system instead of drawing it out. Lightning strikes can also cause power surges.

What to Do After a Power Surge:

  • Wait a little while after the power surge occurs, making sure not to touch anything that’s plugged in. While wires might look fine, they could still be dangerous.
  • Once everything cools down, unplug your devices and reset your circuit breaker.
  • Assess the damage. Check your devices and appliances to ensure nothing burned or broke.

For surge protection services or other electrical maintenance and repairs, call our trusted Raleigh electricians at Zar Electric.

Why Do You Need Surge Protection?

Surge protection is designed to protect expensive electronics and computer equipment. Because today’s homes have more electronic appliances than ever before, whole house surge suppression is often advisable to ensure that your equipment is protected in the event of a power surge. It also can help prevent blow-outs and other outages due to major storms.

Safer Systems Mean Longer Lifespans

Surge protection can even lengthen the lifespan of equipment and appliances by preventing wear and tear from smaller surges created by electricity within the home itself. Our Raleigh electrical team can provide information and advice about how to best protect your home's electronics and equipment by installing whole house surge protection.

Circuit Breaker Replacement & Upgrades in Wake Forest

We offer circuit breaker replacement to solve problems with defective breakers. If your home needs more circuits for better distribution, our electricians evaluate your needs and provide the right solution for your home. We can add more circuits or recommend an upgrade for your electrical service to match your needs and ensure that your home is safe.

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