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EV Charger Installation in Raleigh, NC 

Safer, Faster Charging Is a Phone Call Away

A simple wall outlet can take ages to complete a charge. Instead, opt for faster and safer charging for your electric vehicle. With Zar Electric, we can with EV charger installation in Raleigh!

We offer a full range of services designed to set up and maintain your electric vehicle charger, allowing you to make the most of your investment in your new electric vehicle. We offer everything from new electrical circuit installation, charger unit installation and testing, power calibration, safety checks and testing, and everything in between. 

This comprehensive level of service is designed to not only give you peace of mind, but to earn your total satisfaction. Plus we offer great customer service with a team of friendly and knowledgeable technicians that are a pleasure to work with and who take the time to teach you everything you need to know about your new charger system.

Call the team at Zar Electric at (919) 200-6551 or contact online to learn more about putting an electric vehicle charging unit in your home!

How Home EV Chargers Work?

In order to understand the benefits of a home EV charging system, it is important to understand how the charging process works. The power that comes from your walls is AC power, or alternating current, while your car runs on DC power, or direct current. What that means is power from your walls needs to be inverted before it can be stored in your battery and used to operate your car. This is done by a piece of equipment known as an inverter.

Electric vehicles have a smaller inverter onboard to allow them to do the inverting on their own, but these inverters are typically small in order to shave costs and save weight. As a result, they have a fairly low capacity, and can only handle a small amount of current. As a result, a standard 110-volt charge can take a long time to complete—over 12 hours in some cases.

An EV charging station offers two great benefits: higher voltage and a larger inverter. Because the inverter isn’t in the car itself, it can be quite a bit larger and handle a lot more current, which speeds up the charging process. Likewise, with a higher voltage line feeding the charger system, charging becomes significantly safer, as it cuts the amount of current flowing through your electrical lines.

We Install Chargers for All Electric Vehicles

There are a number of great electric vehicle chargers available on the market today. Smaller units can fit into small spaces and provide a simplified charging experience while larger units can offer things like the ability to charge multiple vehicles at once, indoor/outdoor operation, faster charging speeds, and even features like Wi-Fi connectivity and battery health detectors. Whatever you’re looking for in your charger, the team at Zar Electric can outfit your home with the perfect unit.

We offer all of the following services for EV chargers:

  • 240-volt line installation
  • New circuit installation
  • EV Charger connection and setup
  • Diagnostics and testing services

When it comes to keeping the lights on and your wheels turning, choose the Raleigh electricians at Zar Electric for peace of mind and unquestioned quality.

Contact Zar Electric today to learn more about installing an electric vehicle charger in your home!

Our Reviews
  • They did a great job! I'm very happy with the work they did!

    Zar Electric did a good job on the work. There was a lot of stuff and they did it well. I was very pleased. I went to school with a couple of the guys, so I've known them for a long time.

    - Tim K.
  • Highly recommend!

    Zar Electric is awesome. They are fantastic. I'm happy to recommend them.

    - Leila M.
  • Based on the people I dealt with, they are a quality company!

    Zar Electric repaired an electrical light switch for me. This was my first experience with them. They were punctual and professional people. And also very friendly and kind people! They are a quality company!

    - Laurence T.

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