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Electrical Outlets

Raleigh Electrical Outlet Repair & Installation

Quality Electrical Outlet Services in Wake Forest

Electrical outlets are an essential component of all residential and commercial electrical systems. The outlets supply power to all the appliances and electronics that make your home or business function. We are so reliant on our outlets that we often don’t give them a second thought until there is a problem. At Zar Electric, we offer comprehensive Raleigh electrical services to solve any problem or add a new outlet.

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Electrical Outlet Replacement

Ignoring problems with an electrical outlet can cause a few potentially serious problems. Neglecting to repair a problem outlet can result in a greater risk of electrocution or fire. In addition, an improperly functioning outlet can damage appliances that are connected to it, resulting in expensive appliance replacement costs.

The common signs that indicate outlets may need to be replaced include:

  • Damage to the outlet, such as burn marks or damaged plate covers
  • Cords that no longer fit tightly in the outlet
  • The power to appliances flickers on and off
  • Builder’s grade outlets, as these are poor quality and have a short lifespan
  • The presence of two-pronged outlets, which can increase the risk of electrical fires

If your home is equipped with outdated electrical outlets or an outlet is damaged, we can send an experienced electrician to inspect and upgrade the outdated or damaged outlet. Our Raleigh electricians will come to your home or business to assess the safety and function of your outlets. When a problem is found, we can replace the outlet with a modern, durable outlet to provide reliable power to your appliances.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical Outlet Installation

Are you looking to install a new outlet or a few new outlets in your home? If you have an older home, you may not have enough outlets where you need them. In other situations, you may want to install a new appliance, lighting, or ceiling fans and need outlets to power them. Perhaps you are renovating your already existing home, or you just moved into a new home that does not have as many electrical outlets are you wish. Are you looking to install an electrical outlet in a certain spot for your convenience? Whatever the case, at Zar Electric, you can trust us to can add new outlets where they are needed to improve convenience and provide power where it is necessary. The strategic placement and installation of new electrical outlets can serve to be extremely beneficial for many families. What's great about electrical outlet installation is that it can help make your home interior decor a reality. For example, with our electrical outlet installation services, you can now place your TV exactly where you want it to be.

Please contact a professional to help you with your electrical outlet installation or repair. This is not an easy "do it yourself" task, and can be dangerous for homeowners trying to install power outlets themselves.

Whether you need to add a new outlet or replace a faulty one, call 919-200-6551 for expert service from a licensed electrician. Our Raleigh electricians proudly serve the entire Raleigh-Durham area.

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