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Wake Forest Electrical Services

Wake Forest Electrical Services

Expert Electricians Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Customer Service

The electrical systems in your home or business are important, and it is critical that you have a team of experienced, dedicated electricians who are ready to serve you. That is what the Wake Forest electricians at Zar Electric provide. We are a team of experienced electricians who are proud to serve our community. We are also a family-run business, and our entire team are loyal, dedicated employees who love working together and supporting our customers.

Contact Zar Electric today at (919) 200-6551 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Wake Forest electrical services.

How Zar Electric Can Help with Your Electrical Needs

Whether it is an emergency situation or a simple consultation you are looking for, the electricians at Zar Electric are here to help. No matter what your electrical needs are, we have them covered!

Our electrical services include:

  • Home electrical services
  • Commercial electrical services
  • Electrical repairs
  • Installation
  • Smart home upgrades

When to Seek Out Electrical Consultations

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it is important to stay up to date on your electrical systems and maintenance. However, there are some situations that require more attention than others. If you are dealing with any of these issues, it may be time to seek out an electrical consultation.

These are the situations that may warrant a consultation:

  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping.
  • Flickering Lights.
  • Outlets or Switches That Are Warm or Discolored.
  • Burning Odor.
  • Sparks or Electrical Arcs.
  • Outlets or Switches Not Working.
  • Buzzing or Crackling Sounds.
  • Appliances Malfunctioning.
  • Electrical Shocks.

Upgrade Your Home with Smart Electrical Solutions

Looking to modernize your home and make it more efficient and convenient? Consider upgrading to smart electrical solutions. Our expert electricians can help you integrate smart home technology, such as smart lighting, smart thermostats, and smart outlets, to enhance the functionality and energy efficiency of your home.

Benefits of smart electrical solutions include:

  • Convenience and control from your smartphone or voice assistant
  • Energy savings through automated lighting and thermostat control
  • Enhanced home security with smart lighting and camera systems
  • Increased home value and appeal with modern technology

Let Zar Electric help you bring your home into the 21st century with our smart electrical solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced electricians.

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment with One of Our Experienced Electricians

If you have an electrical issue, don’t wait to contact us. The safety of your family and your property is a priority, and we are ready to help. The electricians at Zar Electric are loyal, dedicated employees who love what they do. We are ready to serve you with any electrical need you have, whether it is a consultation, repair, or installation. We are ready to serve you, so contact us today!


    "This is our #1 go to Electrician!"
    No wonder this company is part of the community's Best of the Best!!
    - Boyd Crane
    "Highly recommend Zar Electric"
    Zar Electric fit us in the same day for a burning smell and power flicker. Their team was awesome, taking time to examine everything and explaining thoroughly. Highly recommend them for electrical needs!
    - Kelsi W.
    "Appreciate your help ZAR. Especially you Braeden. Appreciate the service."
    Appreciate your help ZAR. Especially you Braeden. Appreciate the service.
    - Jeff G.
    "What can I say about Zar Electric"
    The lead electrician did a fantastic job!
    - B. Tinga
    "Zar Electric was able to fit us in the same day when we had concerns of a burning smell in our home along with a power flicker."
    Zar Electric was able to fit us in the same day when we had concerns of a burning smell in our home along with a power flicker. Their technician Braeden was awesome, took his time examining everything and explaining everything very thoroughly to us. I would highly recommend Zar Electric for your electrical needs and concerns!
    - Kelsi W.
    "Braeden was fantastic! He was on time, knowledgeable, and completed the work in a timely manner. He was able to give me estimates for a few things I’d like to do in the near future. Great service. Thank you."
    - Meredith L.
    "First time using Zar!"
    First time using Zar! They sent out Mr Jamey and he was awesome! My dog (a pitbull) came barking around the corner and they were immediately comfortable with each other because Jamey has a pitbull! Jamey was knowledgeable about how to handle my electrical
    - Kyle E.
    "Zar Electric was super efficient and informative"
    I will definitely have to spread the word!!
    - W. Davis