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How Can you Use Light to Beautify your Kitchen?

Kitchen Lighting

How Can you Use Light to Beautify your Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Not only do kitchens serve as the spot where comforting home-cooked meals are created, but they often double as meeting areas for family and friends on holidays and other special occasions.

The point is that a kitchen should get the respect it deserves. Don’t let your kitchen lag behind while the rest of your home gets the VIP treatment. The proper lighting in the right places can take any kitchen from drab to dazzling. Keep reading to learn how!

Can your Kitchen’s Lighting be Improved?

Kitchens can often suffer from drab, uninviting lights. Insufficient lighting can change the whole mood of a room, and more importantly, make the kitchen a safety hazard. The good news is that these days there are more than enough varieties of lights to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

Employing a vast range of lighting in your kitchen can come in handy when entertaining family and friends, cooking or doing anything else that may require focus and safety.

Using Ambient Lights in your Kitchen

Ambient lights lay the groundwork for a room’s mood and general lighting. You can achieve ambient lighting with chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights, track lighting, or sconces.

When you get to the point of deciding what kind of lights you want, and where, try using recessed lighting in areas that act as walkways and a lot of foot traffic is expected. If you can’t use recessed lighting, flush mounts work too.

Using Task Lighting for your Kitchen’s Workspace

Task lighting is crucial for kitchens. Although kitchens can be places of fun family time, their main function is cooking. Cooking requires knives, stoves, ovens, and other potentially harmful items which makes task lighting essential.

If you want to really make sure you have the task lighting you need, cabinet lighting is great and can really add to your kitchen’s functionality. In addition, you may want to consider using rail kits to shine some light on your backsplash area. To add more flair, throw in some downlight pendant lights or directional sconces. These come in handy especially if you’re missing overhead cabinets to install your lights in.

Does your kitchen have a breakfast bar or island? Try installing pendant lights over them! This will draw the eye to your furniture and give it a more inviting feel.

Have a Little Fun with Accent Lighting

Accent lighting allows you to be creative and something you can use to complement your ambient lighting in order to highlight certain features you have around the house. For example, you could hang some accent lights over your tables, islands, breakfast bar, or kitchen sink. Try to remember to hang your fixture between 30 and 36 inches above the surface of your table or countertop.

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Are you looking to make some much-needed changes to your kitchen’s lighting? We’re ready to help! We know that these projects are complicated and detract from the time you would much rather spend with friends and family. With Zar Electric, you don’t have to worry. We’re On the Job, Doin’ the Job, Gettin’ the Job Done Right. Head over to our contact page to schedule your next appointment with us today!