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Why You Should Install a Home EV Charging Station

EV Home Charging Station

Why Should you Install a Home EV Charging Station?

It doesn’t take much to notice that electric vehicles are starting to dominate the roads. With advances being made in this space every day, it’s safe to assume that EVs are not going anywhere. If you are thinking about buying an electric car, or if you already own one, you want to make sure you have everything you need to use your EV as efficiently as possible.

Home EV charging stations are must-haves for any EV owner. Keep reading to learn more about why they’re so important and what you can do to have one installed.

What are EV Charging Stations and how do they Work?

EV charging stations are chargers for your electric vehicles that can be installed at your house. They can be placed in your garage or driveway and plugged into your EV while you relax at home. There are two main kinds of chargers that are available to homeowners.

There are Level 1 chargers which are the basic models that usually come standard with electric vehicles. The upside to this model is that they don’t need professional installation. On the other hand, these chargers aren’t very powerful and will take about 20 hours to totally replenish your car’s battery. If you’re going to use this model, it may be better to charge your car overnight in order to ensure that you have a full charge by the morning.

Level 2 chargers are a different story. These models can charge an EV in approximately 3 hours. The difference is that since they require a dedicated 240-volt circuit, Level 2 chargers should be installed by a professional. As much as you may want to DIY this project, we recommend calling a local, trusted, and licensed electrician to install it for you.

The kind of charger you choose is entirely up to you and will be contingent on your needs as a driver as well as your budget.

Why do you need an EV Charging Station?

Due to the inexpensive nature of home charging stations, most EV owners choose to charge their car batteries at home. Charging at home has proved itself to be very practical because it circumvents the need to rely on gasoline.

Since electricity costs about 13 cents / kWh, when charging an electric car with a range of 200 miles, you would end up spending close to $9 for a complete recharge. however, it could cost close to $30 - $50 to fill your gas tank depending on your vehicle. Besides saving money on a day-to-day basis, as an EV user, you could also enjoy some great discounts and refunds on your utility bill.

Lastly, if you already have a home charging station and you’re ready for a second electric car, you can use the same station for both as long as it makes sense for your situation.

How to Install an EV Charging Station at Home

Getting a Level 2 EV charger installed can be a complicated process. That’s why we recommend you talk to a licensed electrician and hire them to do the installation.

An electrician can look at your home’s wiring and identify what type of plug you own in order to ensure a safe and successful installation.

Further Considerations

Here are some other things you may want to think about before installing your charging station:

The Size of your Circuit

You need to make sure that your home’s electrical circuit can support the kind of EV charging station you’re looking to install. Your EV charging station needs to be able to operate at roughly 80% of your home’s circuit capacity or you may end up tripping your circuit breaker. You’re going to want a slow charging rate for better charging efficiency.

Your Charging Station’s Amperage:

Consider how much amperage you want for your charger. Level 2 chargers tend to vary in amperage. Lower amperages are ideal for smaller electric cars or hybrids. If you want a faster charge you should look for a minimum of 40 to 50 amps.

It may sound insignificant but before fixing your charger to one spot, think about your cord length in reference to where the vehicle’s charge port is located on your EV. Logistically speaking, it may prove problematic if you measured incorrectly and the cord has trouble reaching your car’s charge port.

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