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Should You Invest in Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are useful and stylish additions to any home. They’re simple to install, help make the room feel cooler and come in a myriad of designs to complement any interior. But they also have their drawbacks. Keep reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a ceiling fan.

Why Consider Installing a Ceiling Fan? 

  • Ceiling Fans Save Money on Air Conditioning

Ceiling fans are limited to using about 1.6% of the energy A/C systems use which could result in about 40% less money owed on your monthly power bill. This is especially true for ceiling fans with the ENERGY STAR® label which are designed to be 60% more energy-efficient than conventional models.

Although ceiling fans don’t lower room temperature, they can make a room feel roughly eight degrees cooler by constantly circulating air. Furthermore, the direction of the ceiling fan blades can be reversed to make a room feel warmer by pulling colder air towards the ceiling and pushing the warmer air down.

  • Ceiling Fans Add Ambient Lighting

If your room is lacking a certain “mood”, ceiling fans can help. Ceiling fans often come with lights for a touch of ambiance in dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. If you’re concerned about getting around the house safely, installing a ceiling fan with light might be the solution for you.

  • Ceiling Fans Save Floor Space

Fans mounted on the ceiling save precious space that you may otherwise clutter up with large box fans or lamps. With ceiling fans, you don’t need to worry about tripping over cords or stubbing your toe on a clunky floor fan as you get around the house. Freeing up as much space as possible will make your home safer for the elderly and children especially during large gatherings.

  • Ceiling Fans Improve Your Patio

If you like hosting gatherings or events on your deck or patio, it might be a good idea to keep the area feeling cool during the summer. Ceiling fans outdoors produce a refreshing breeze. No doubt your invitees will appreciate a constant cool gust as they enjoy the festivities.

  • Ceiling Fans Can Help You Sleep Better

Sometimes to get to sleep quicker all we need is a little white noise. Ceiling fans are a great source of white noise and may be just what the doctor ordered for a good night’s rest. Additionally, a ceiling fan can keep you feeling nice and cool while you sleep.

Potential Ceiling Fan Frustrations

  • Ceiling Fans Can Make Noise 

Depending on the quality of the product and of the installation, ceiling fans are noisy at times. Over time, screws loosen and the appliance can become unstable, causing it to rattle and creak. If you’re a lover of silence, this may become frustrating to you later on.

  • Ceiling Fans Require Cleaning

The blades on a ceiling fan are magnets for dust. Unfortunately, if the ceiling fan is turned on, then that dust begins to circulate around the room. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of cleaning your fan regularly. Cleaning the blades themselves can be a chore depending on the height of your ceilings. Climbing a ladder can be dangerous. We urge you to exercise caution.

  • Ceiling Fans Won't Work in Low-Ceilinged Rooms

Keeping ceilings in mind, consider the height of your ceiling and ideal placement when having your fan installed. If you have low ceilings, the ceiling fan may obstruct a path in your home and become a safety hazard for those walking around the house.

So What’s the Verdict on Ceiling Fans?

Of course, the decision is yours. We hope that this article gave you the objective insight you needed to decide. At the end of the day, it is no doubt that ceiling fans are very useful appliances that have stood the test of time. They come in handy all year and are very easy on the electric bill. They are available in many styles to fit your tastes and can easily improve the interior design of any room.

If you’re looking to have a ceiling fan installed, make sure to contact your local, friendly, and professional electricians Zar Electric! We will gladly assist you in the installation of a fan of your choosing. Our service technicians would be happy to provide you with a range of affordable options to choose from.

You can call us at (919) 200-6551 or book your next appointment on our website contact page. Remember, “We’re On the Job, Doin’ the Job, Gettin’ the Job Done Right!”

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