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Seven Reasons your Home Needs a Portable Generator

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Power outages are a pretty common and expected part of life. Severe weather like high winds, ice buildup, and lightning can all take power offline either briefly or for an extended period of time, and sometimes you might find yourself forced to go for days without power. Nobody wants to be without power for several days, particularly as so many people have come to depend on electricity for such a wide variety of things.

If you’re a homeowner who shares in this concern, you might be interested in learning more about and purchasing a portable generator! These generators are convenient, effective, and remarkably handy to have in the event of an emergency. Plus, they help you in a number of ways you may not have thought about. Here are eight reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a portable generator system.

1. Portable Generators Provide Instant Power

When you fire up a portable generator, the power will start flowing almost immediately. In the event of severe weather or a natural disaster, the ability to regain a small amount of power without delay can be invaluable. Whether you need to power up a refrigerator, restore the connection to a data device like a computer, or restore the operation of medical devices like heart monitors or oxygen tanks, a generator can provide you with the electricity you need. And they are remarkably easy to operate too—generators typically run on gasoline, and many modern units have simple pull-starts or even battery-powered electric starters to make things even easier.

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2. Avoid Losing Valuable Food

According to the USDA, certain types of food can become unsafe in as little as four hours when your refrigerator loses power. During harsh weather conditions where you may be stuck at home, the last thing you want is to have pounds of food begin to spoil because your refrigerator is out of power. It’s frustrating, wasteful, and costs you a pretty penny to replace. A portable generator can provide your refrigerator with enough power to keep running during an outage, preventing your food from going bad. (Just make sure you choose a generator with enough power capacity to keep your refrigerator running easily in order to avoid overloading your generator.)

3. Keep your EV Charged

Electric cars are great for the environment and for your wallet if you want to avoid high gas prices! However, they’re not all that reliable during a power outage. If you need to get around while the power is out, a generator can provide the energy your car needs to get you where you need to go. When severe weather means you have to move, electric vehicle owners may end up completely stranded without power. Portable generators can provide that power so you can hit the road with the power you need to reach your destination.

4. Have Power Where It Isn’t Found

It’s not uncommon to find yourself working with an electric-powered device in an area that doesn’t have electric power. Whether you’re somewhere distant on your property or out in the middle of nowhere, a portable generator will provide you with a consistent level of energy you can use to power tools, charge batteries, power lights, and so much more. In fact, a portable generator can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to finish your job completely.

5. Power Your Well Pump

If you live outside of suburbs and into more distant areas, there’s a good chance you may not have a connection to a public water system. Wells are common in rural and remote locations, and modern wells rely on electric well pumps to bring water into homes and businesses for use. When your power goes out, so does your water pressure, and that means no water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, or even drinking (unless you have some bottles stored away). A portable generator can keep the water flowing even during a blackout, and it can power your sump pump as well (a critical function if your basement is facing the threat of flooding).

6. Portable Power Improves Leisure Time!

Getting away from the world with a relaxing camping trip becomes so much easier when you have a portable generator. A portable generator can provide you with so many added benefits, such as powering electric lights, providing energy for cooking, offering heat for cold nights, and more. Portable generators also go hand-in-hand with RVs and trailers, meaning you can camp anywhere and not have to restrict yourself to places that have electric and water hookups.

7. Protect Your Business from Power Outages

If you run a business, a blackout could mean you’re completely idle for hours or even days. An outage could cost you immensely in the form of lost productivity, ruined inventory, and lost data from hard drives and computers shutting down unexpectedly. When time is money, you can’t afford to waste even a single second, and a portable generator makes sure you don’t have to. A portable generator can also help you if you run a home office as well.

Portable generators are an effective way to stay safe during a natural disaster, productive on a busy day, and even have a little fun. To learn more about properly installing and utilizing a portable generator, and to learn more about what size you should purchase, call the local electricians at Zar Electric at (919) 200-6551 today!

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