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Electrical Safety Tips for Pool Season

A residential swimming pool.

Whether you're swimming, floating on a raft, or just relaxing in the sun, it's important to be safe around your pool. Electricity and water don't mix well, so make sure to take some safety precautions when using your pool this summer.

If you’re a pool owner, keep the following safety tips in mind:

Never keep electrical devices next to your pool.

All electrical devices should be kept at least 10 feet away from the water — or farther if your pool guests tend to splash. This includes things like phones, radios, and even speakers. It's also important to avoid using extension cords near the pool. If you must use one, make sure it is properly insulated and far away from the water.

Cover all of your outdoor outlets.

Another crucial electrical safety tip for pool owners is to cover all of your outdoor outlets. This will help protect them from water damage and prevent any accidents. If your outdoor outlets do not have covers, contact an electrician to have them installed in a way that's up to code.

Make sure your outdoor outlets are GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets.

In addition to being covered, your outdoor outlets should also be GFCI outlets. These are special outlets that are designed to shut off power in the event of a short circuit or power leakage. This can help prevent fatal electrocution and other accidents.

Never swim during a thunderstorm.

Lightning is often drawn to bodies of water because water is a good conductor of electricity. If you hear thunder, it means lightning is close by and you should get out of your pool immediately. By swimming during a thunderstorm, you greatly increase your chances of getting electrocuted.

Get your swimming pool's electrical system inspected.

If you’re a pool owner, it’s smart to have your swimming pool's electrical system inspected by a qualified electrician. This should be done at least every few years to ensure that everything is in working order and up to code. This inspection will help identify any potential hazards and help you keep your pool safe for years to come.

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